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FocacciaThis is the easiest bread in the world, and is great served with any Italian meal or used to make a delicious sandwich. I got this recipe when I worked at The Italian Culinary Center where I used to make this bread for every event that we hosted. It was always the most popular item on the menu and the recipe was even stolen by a top chef or two, who then started making it in their restaurants!

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Italian Style Pizza Dough

Pizza This is most delicious pizza dough I have ever tried. The secret of any good pizza is the the dough and this one is the perfect blend of chewy, tender, and crisp. The recipe yields enough dough for 6 individual pizzas, so I usually freeze dough in individual portions. They can be defrosted to make quick pizzas without all the time and effort of making dough every time. I also keep fresh Mozzarella sliced (separated with parchment) in the freezer with pesto and classic tomato sauce. That way whenever we feel like pizza, it's a quick and easy meal, without all the calories and expense of take out pizza. It’s also a lot tastier!

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