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Cleaning Clams & Mussels

Clams & Mussels Clams and Mussels are renowned for being gritty or making people sick, but a few basic precautions and simple cleaning procedure can make these wonderful molluscs delicious. grit free and unlikely to cause illness.

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Basic Fish Stock

I am a great believer in home-made stocks. They are so simple and cheap to make and far far superior to any store bought variety. This is the fish stock that I use for my Bouillabaisse recipe, but it has many uses in all sorts of soups and sauces.
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Whole Fish Baked in a Salt Dome

Baking fish inside a salt dome not only provides a visually stunning presentation, it is also a very effective and delicious way of preparing whole fish. The salt encases the fish completely and therefore the fish effectively steams in it's own juices, thus producing very succulent and moist flesh. Stuffing the cavity with aromatics imparts wonderful flavour into the flesh. Most fish can be cooked this way, simply adjusting the cooking time according to the size of the fish, and any combination of aromatics can be used to suit your chosen fish and/or your menu.
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Vodka Cured Salmon with Citrus

This recipe marries two of my favourite ingredients; raw salmon and vodka! I found it in a Scandinavian cookbook that my mother owns and was immediately intrigued. It has since become one of my favourite light and healthy appetizers, naturally receiving a tweak or two.
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