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Sauteed Duck Breast

Duck Breast Many people are put off from eating duck breast because so often it is served with a thick layer of tough fat crowning each slice. However it is possible to cook duck breasts so that the meat remains medium rare to medium while still developing a non-fatty, beautifully crispy, and non-chewy skin. The secret is to score the skin and cook the breast slowly on its skin so that the fat has a chance to render, or melt out of the skin. Once the skin has lost much of its fat, it will not only shrink in size, but will then become crispy. Patience is indeed a virtue.

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Cleaning Clams & Mussels

Clams & Mussels Clams and Mussels are renowned for being gritty or making people sick, but a few basic precautions and simple cleaning procedure can make these wonderful molluscs delicious. grit free and unlikely to cause illness.

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Decorative Pie Edges

Once the dough for a one-crust pie has been prepared and shaped, its edge is ready for the finishing touch. Over the years, generations of pie makers have devised decorative patterns for the plain rim of a pie shell. Some of these edges have become traditional favorites and the hallmark of a well-made pie. They're very impressive, make a superb frame for any filling, and couldn't be easier to accomplish. With a little practice, you can produce them effortlessly and add them proudly to your pastry skills.
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