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Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Buttercream A Swiss meringue buttercream has a softly whipped texture and is much less sweet than the more common american-style buttercreams. It requires more patience to make but the resulting rich, silky, not-too-sweet frosting, is well worth the extra effort.

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Lemon Scented White Cake

Lemon Scented White Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Icing This white cake is made with only egg whites and is very light and clean tasting. It makes a great base for a multitude of rich and tasty fillings and frostings. I like it filled with tangy Lemon Curd and sweet Vanilla Buttercream.

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Lemon Tray Bakes

The jewel of all quick mix cake recipes. My Mum used to make this cake lots when we were growing up. It is absolutely delicious, extremely simple to make and is guaranteed to be the lightest, fluffiest cake you will ever make! But the best thing about this is, it can be frozen and because it is so light it defrosts very quickly. Mum used to always have some in the freezer pre-sliced and ready to go, just in case any unexpected guests should turn up. The only trick is getting it into the freezer before it's all gone!
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