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Lemon Scented Milk Chocolate Ganache

Lemon Scented Milk Chocolate Ganache The lemon zest in this ganache makes an unusual flavouring. The lemon zest which is rich in essential oil transmits a lemon perfume without any of the acidity of lemon juice which would mar the chocolate flavour. Use the ganache to fill and decorate the Lemon Scented White Cake.

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Lemon Scented White Cake

Lemon Scented White Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Icing This white cake is made with only egg whites and is very light and clean tasting. It makes a great base for a multitude of rich and tasty fillings and frostings. I like it filled with tangy Lemon Curd and sweet Vanilla Buttercream.

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Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd A perfect way to showcase the lemon's tart flavour is in lemon curd. Traditionally it was served with scones at afternoon tea, but it's uses are not limited to only being used as a spread, it makes a delicious filling for many things including trifles, tarts, and cakes. Or you can simply spread on hot buttered toast!

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Bistro Fruit Tart

Bistro Tart This is a very quick and easy tart to make, using store bought filo dough. A variety of fruit can be used including apples and pears or even mango or nectarine. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.

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Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie Traditional pecan pie with a Southern flair. This classic pecan pie spiked with Bourbon to enhance the flavour of the pecans and baked in a tender, sweet pastry. Brimming with flavour, this pie is always a favourite.

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Sweet Pie Dough

This sweet pie dough is simplicity itself to make, especially if you have a food processor. Because it contains sugar and eggs, it is always tender and never tough. This dough also tolerates re-rolling without becoming tough, so makes it a great choice for anyone who is inexperienced with rolling out a pie crust.

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NY Style Cheesecake

Cheesecake This cheesecake is a classic baked NY style cheesecake, but with one difference, with the right care it remains light rather than heavy and cloying like many NY Cheesecakes. Cheesecake is very simple to make, yet it can easily go terribly wrong, but by following a few simple rules you can master this delicious desert. I have left this recipe plain, but you can top the cheesecake with your chosen topping, fruit is always delicious and who doesn't like chocolate sauce?

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Sticky-Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding There is a small village in England's Lake District whose name has become synonymous with Sticky Toffee Pudding. The village shop in Cartmel has been producing undeniably the best sticky toffee pudding in the world since 1989. Read their story.  Growing up with relatives in the area, my family became huge fans of this dish and would make sure to always 'stock-up" when we were in the area. Stocking up is not an option now that we live in the USA, although some specialist shops in NY do import the pudding from Cartmel, they are few and far between and you can imagine the specialist price tag attached!

Until recently I never tried to make the dish myself, after all what was the point when you could buy perfection? All that changed when our good friends Jay and Melissa made Sticky Toffee Pudding for a dinner party one night as a special treat for us. I was blown away at how good it was, and honestly never thought it possible to come close to the Cartmel perfection, but it totally is! Everyone has to make this dish, it's impossible not to love it! This recipe serves 12 (supposedly) but if you are cooking for a smaller number do not reduce recipe - you will want seconds, even if it's the next day!

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TiramisuEveryone loves Tiramisu, but all to often what you find in restaurants and shops bears little or no resemblance to the authentic Italian dish. This recipe came to me from two different friends in Italy, each version was almost identical to the other, the only difference being that one contained a scant amount of sugar and the other contained none. This is a matter of personal preference so I list this ingredient as optional, leaving you to taste the mixture and then decide whether it needs that extra touch of sweetness to suit your taste. I have to admit I have no hard and fast rule as to which one I do, I always taste then decide whether or not to add some or all of the sugar. I also think the quality of the mascarpone can effect this decision.

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