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Sauteed Duck Breast

Duck Breast Many people are put off from eating duck breast because so often it is served with a thick layer of tough fat crowning each slice. However it is possible to cook duck breasts so that the meat remains medium rare to medium while still developing a non-fatty, beautifully crispy, and non-chewy skin. The secret is to score the skin and cook the breast slowly on its skin so that the fat has a chance to render, or melt out of the skin. Once the skin has lost much of its fat, it will not only shrink in size, but will then become crispy. Patience is indeed a virtue.

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Whole Fish Baked in a Salt Dome

Baking fish inside a salt dome not only provides a visually stunning presentation, it is also a very effective and delicious way of preparing whole fish. The salt encases the fish completely and therefore the fish effectively steams in it's own juices, thus producing very succulent and moist flesh. Stuffing the cavity with aromatics imparts wonderful flavour into the flesh. Most fish can be cooked this way, simply adjusting the cooking time according to the size of the fish, and any combination of aromatics can be used to suit your chosen fish and/or your menu.
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Italian Style Pizza Dough

Pizza This is most delicious pizza dough I have ever tried. The secret of any good pizza is the the dough and this one is the perfect blend of chewy, tender, and crisp. The recipe yields enough dough for 6 individual pizzas, so I usually freeze dough in individual portions. They can be defrosted to make quick pizzas without all the time and effort of making dough every time. I also keep fresh Mozzarella sliced (separated with parchment) in the freezer with pesto and classic tomato sauce. That way whenever we feel like pizza, it's a quick and easy meal, without all the calories and expense of take out pizza. It’s also a lot tastier!

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